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Thai fruit Coconut export

We handle signature coconut from Ratchaburi Province :

Ratchaburi province is unlike other areas in Thailand. It has flat area river basin, rich of minerals, humidity and rainfall are appropriate and suitable to grow aromatic coconut, sweet and unique.

Aromatic coconut is your best choice.

The only one in the world and the best of the best “Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi Province Thailand” Damnoen Saduak District & Aromatic Coconut

We have carefully selected the farms with only good specie for our aromatic coconut which is why our coconut is unique and good quality for our customers.

We also pay more attention with the harvesting process. All coconuts fall into the water to avoid bruising. Then gather all the coconut along to the canal. And we have combined to take all to the car or truck for the factory process.

Our factory process :

We care every process of production until packing and loading to the containers to make sure our coconut is good quality and ready to export around the world.

Aromatic Coconut benefits :

Healthy and beauty trendy for everyone who drinks the coconut water and also good for everyone to be far away from cancer “Anti-Oxidant” Our Coconut brand is now accepted by worldwide and we have strong commitment to our customers and our business partners for Quality/Clean/Fresh/100%Safety/Standard/Certificate/Honestly/Good relationship.

Pacific Link fruits export keywords: Unique plus good quality, happy farmer to oversee the planting and harvesting, Organic and Natural.

HACCAP/GMP/FDA certified, From packaging design to export.  Pacific Link is your one stop.

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